Jerkey's Catering & Private Chef
"Culinary Imigination...... Unlimited"
About us

Our Chef grew up with his grandmother in the country area on a farm. There he was taught from an early age  that using natural herbs and spices are the essence of what makes the pot pop and would cause one to return after a scrumscious  and tasty meal.

With this said, Chef Chris comes with over twenty years experience  and carries his culinary flare and passion for food through the years. He has ever since been in and around major hotels as well as restaurants, thus his eagerness  and new quest to please ones palate with his vast culinary skills. 

It is always our pleasure serving you. Jerkey's Catering & Private Chef at present provides not one but two services,
Private/ Personal Chef 

Yet Unlimited!!!
You just name it and we will accommodate ....... 
 Let us then explore together
"Culinary Imagination...Unlimited"